Cheken World


The cheken is an amazing animal

a funny picture of a mad cheken

Chekens make babies of more chekens for people to eat. Some funny people also eat bb cheken eggz

A cheken is kind
A cheken is rude
A cheken for breakfast
A cheken is food
Be one with the cheken
And your life will be good
Because your cheken chakra, my friend
Governs your mood
-Tom Hanks

Cheken Lifestyle

Almost all chekens walk on 2 feet. This means that they have a bipedal lifestyle. Much like humanity, who is also bipedal at large.

Cheken Taste

The cheken taste is goverened by factors such as cooking temperature, oil vs butter, length of cooking, barometric pressure and many more
The unobscured cheken taste is low on flavor. Much like cheken eggs which come in white or brown color, the cheken meat also comes in two types: white and dark.
Dark cheken is loved accross the Orient for its rich flavor, while the white cheken is loved by Americans,
Don't forget!! There are local preferences to cheken taste!! Such as Louisiana, and the Persian Gulf.
The cheken taste may be obsucred by seasonings of salt and other taste modifiers such as the dried snippits of various leafy plants except plants like oleander and probably flowers or regular shurbs.
Many funny people pour lemon on cheken for taste enhancment, and they are perfectly fine to do so.
The cheken meat is a pallete for the artist.

Cheken Types